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Judah Lopatin

Cara got cancer when I was in kindergarten, then again when I was in second grade.The whole time, Chai Lifeline has been there for me and my family. In addition, my friends Neshama and Ilan, who are both in my grade, have missed a lot of school on account of their cancer. Every time they came back, they told about what Chai Lifeline had done for them. For years my family and I have been going down to Miami to cheer on the runners for Team Lifeline. Whenever someone passed mile seven, the place where I , along with my family, were cheering, I would see the runners' faces turn from a look of tiredness to a face of courage and determination. Ever since the first time we went down to Miami, I thought to myself Wow, I can not wait until I am old enough to run alongside these amazing runnes. Chai Lifeline has always been there for my family and therefore I am proud to be running on Team Lifeline/Team Cara this year.
Best - Judah



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1. Anonymous
2. Warren Tessler
Keep your eyes straight, your feet moving and see you at the finish line. Love, Zayde
3. Anonymous
4. David Harris
5. SAR 6th grade(from the Chesed Bake Sale)
We are so proud of you Judah
6. Marcie and David
Way to go Judah. Love, Marcie and David
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