Team Peri goes ONE MILE STRONG

Katy Finkelstein

Peri is my not so little sister at 16 years old. Our motto is "Team Peri Strong" because she is the strongest person you will ever meet. She has the strongest mind, body and mouth (you've heard the things she says, right?).

Each year, Team Peri does the Miami Marathon with Team Lifeline. What started with two young women turned into a huge team of supporters for Peri.

Last year she set a goal to walk 1,000 steps. We calculated that to be about one quarter of a mile. Peri trained for what seemed like forever in our basement knowing that the 1,000 steps would be an almost impossible task for her. Come time for the marathon and Peri was able to walk the 1,000 steps. And then another 437 steps. Peri had accomplished what she had set out to do and more.

Because of Peri's tenacity and motivation, she has decided to walk the ENTIRE LAST MILE. She has been training like a beast for months, absolutely determined to walk more than she has ever walked.

None of Peri's goals are possible without the help of every member of our team. Our team is our family, our friends, our supporters. Our team is YOU.
Whether you are racing with us, supporting us with your encouragement, contributing towards our achievement of reaching our fundraising goals that we set forth each year, you are a part of what Team Peri is all about. So this year, we dedicate our 2017 Miami Marathon race with Team Lifeline to all of you. Together, we are Team Peri strong.



raised of $5,000 goal


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2. Courtney Arnold
Katy you legend I can't give you much but I send hugs and kisses for your sis!
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