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Michal Silver

I'm so excited to share that this January, I will be joining my family in running the Miami Half Marathon in memory of my dear brother-in-law Avi. Avi brought joy to all that knew him- he was kind, and fun, and had an amazing sense of humour. He was an amazing brother and the best uncle, and we miss him every day.

Avi was an inspiration to many people throughout his life, and even when he was sick in bed, he continued to focus his energy on making other people comfortable and happy. Avi loved music and singing, and he loved hosting guests at his bedside concerts because he saw how much everyone enjoyed them. He'd invite friends and family to sing with him, offering them his favourite treats from the box he kept near his bed. Watching Avi sing from his bed, moving his hands to the music, his niece in his arms, you'd forget how sick he was, how much pain he was constantly in. That's how powerful the music and the company of friends and family was to Avi. That's how instrumental Chai Lifeline was in bringing joy to a young man suffering from a terminal illness.

Growing up, I loved volunteering for chai lifeline as a big sister and event volunteer. However, I never realized how much Chai Lifeline truly accomplishes until my family was on their receiving end. Chai Lifeline was literally a lifeline while Avi was sick. Organizing concerts for Avi and helping in a million different ways, Chai Lifeline made an unbearable situation less so, especially for Avi and my mother-in-law. I have the deepest gratitude for all that this wonderful organization has done for my family.

I’m running for something important. I am running to raise money for Chai Lifeline, a wonderful organization dedicated to helping very sick children and their families. In recognition of all that Chai Lifeline does, and in memory of Avi, please help me reach my goal of $20,000, so this amazing organization can continue doing what it does it best.




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Good luck!!! Go team Silver!!!
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keep up the great work!
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To the best family ! Go silvers !
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