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Michael Seeley

For those of you who don't know, I am running in the Miami Half Marathon with Team Lifeline in January. This will be my third time doing so.

Everyone has their reasons for running with a charity or organization. My reason for running with Team Lifeline is Peri Finkelstein (the girl in my profile picture). I've known Peri for six years now and throughout those six years I have seen again and again how she doesn't let her disability define who she is. For real, check out the second video of Peri walking the last 1400 steps of last years Half Marathon!) At the same time, however, I have seen how it makes her life more difficult than mine or yours.

That's where Chai Lifeline comes in.

Thanks to Chai Lifeline, Peri gets to spend two weeks at Camp Simcha, a summer camp that allows her and other kids with disabilities to forget about struggles and just be happy and enjoy the little pleasures that we sometimes take for granted.

That is why I am running. And that is why I ask for your help. Any small donation goes a long way towards giving these kids the experiences we are lucky enough to have on a daily basis.

Thank you for your time!



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