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Molly Zagha

As some of you may already know, this year I am running the Lifetime Miami Half Marathon this January. Running in a half marathon has been a goal of mine for a while, one that I was not sure I would ever get the chance to achieve. However, my decision to run this race with this team, Team Daniella, is not something I chose to do for the glory.

I had the privilege of knowing Daniella Moffson, Z'l. Daniella embodied a true tzadeket, a righteous woman, someone who did tremendous deeds and placed everybody in her life before herself. She went above and beyond to enlighten those around her and I am proud to have learned from such an incredible woman. Last year, Daniella selflessly gave up her winter vacation in order to provide happiness and comfort to under privileged children in Honduras. On her way to the airport, Daniella's bus fell off the side of a mountain resulting in a fatal crash. Without knowing or understanding why this happened, we were all at a loss. What I realized is that it is now left up to us to emulate the actions of Daniella, to bring that warmth and generosity that she was famous for into our everyday lives.

Chai Lifeline is an incredible organization that provides care, assistance, and love to more than 4.500 sick children and their families. Team Daniella is raising money for the children of Camp Simcha, where Daniella spent two summers, and Camp Simcha Special, both of which are Chai Lifeline summer programs. This is an organization that Daniella personally committed herself to, and therefore I am doing the same in her memory.

However, I know I can't do it alone. I need your help. Having the responsibility of training for a race and raising money for it requires time, energy, and a dedication to the cause. No matter what the situation was, Daniella was always there, ready and willing to get involved. In my desire to emulate her, I am doing the same. I hope that you all decide to join in my efforts. Your generosity and support will not only help the children of Chai Lifeline, it will award me the incredible opportunity to make a difference in Daniella's memory.

Come January, with your generous support, I will have the opportunity to run in Daniella's memory. I will have the ability to contribute to a better future for the children of Chai Lifeline.

When I chose to run this race, I asked myself: WWDD? What Would Daniella Do? My hope is that, after reading this, you ask yourself the same question. Let's all work towards a better future together by contributing today.

Best - Molly



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1. Robin and Witzy
Go Molly. We could not be prouder.
2. Anonymous
3. Alissa and Sammy Zagha
You make us proud Molly!
4. Gareth McDowall
5. M, R, B, Jared Zagha (L.A.)
Glad to help out in this worthy cause!
6. Alissa and Sammy Zagha
We are proud of you for doing this! Mom and Dad
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