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Moshe Vatch

For the past 10+ years I have been spending parts of my summer in Camp Simcha, a camp for children fighting cancer and chronic illnesses. During my time in camp I have had the unique opportunity to meet some of the strongest children around, many of which I am privileged to call my friends. One of these friends, Jon Hecht, unfortunately succumbed to his illness a short time ago.

Jon had the unique and amazing ability to always put a smile on your face, no matter the situation. Jon was always there to help anyone in need, especially a friend. He always made everyone feel welcome and comfortable, even a complete stranger. Over the last couple of years Jon was working on a project to build a game room/ virtual reality zone in Camp Simcha, to provide the children of Camp Simcha with another way to experience certain normalcies of childhood which otherwise may be difficult for them to experience. That is what brought me here.

I absolutely hate running and someone would have to pay me a lot of money to run 13.1 miles, so that’s the goal. If running is what it would take for me to help complete one of Jon’s dreams, then that’s the least I can do. So please donate generously, not just for me, but to help complete one of Jon’s dreams and to help provide these children with cancer and chronic illnesses, with another way to enjoy their summer camp, their summer experience, their heaven on earth, Camp Simcha.

Thanks so much!

-Moshe Vatch



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1. Alex Hagler
2. Michael And Shari Vatch
Mosh, we are so proud of you! May Hahem grant you continued hatzlocha in your avodas hakodesh #chesedmachine, #Q42Rocks! Love, Mommy and DAD!
3. Jeremy Strauss
4. Lenny Tanzer
You're a special Tzadek !!!
5. Anonymous
Thank you for being there for me when I needed it most!
6. Anonymous
As a year round member of chai lifeline, I've never seen anyone dedicate more of their time to helping others. I'm proud to be able to give a donation not only to benefit chai lifeline, but to do so in tandem with Moshe - what an honor!
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