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Chaim Jacobowitz

The past Three summers I've spent my time in the happiest place in the world , otherwise known as Camp Simcha. Over the past few years I became particularly close to a camper there by the name of Jon Hecht A"H. Jon left us a few months ago , on July 20th after battling years of Lymphoblastic leukemia . Fighting for so many years , unfortunately Jon wasn't really able to get out much and act like a normal teenager , while his friends were hanging out with each other and playing sports , Jon was fighting for his life in the hospital.Last summer , Jon started telling me about a project he was working on to benefit the children of Camp Simcha , to help them forget about the pain and suffering as he knew too well unfortunately. Jon was very tech savvy and wanted to create an electronically based game room in Camp Simcha that encompassed virtual reality and really cool computers to let the children forget what they were going through for just a little bit and be able to just be a kid again like all their friends. Unfortunately ,Jon was taken away from this earth and from all of us at a very young age of 23 ,and was unable to fulfill this dream of his.This coming January I will be running in the Miami marathon in memory of Jon , on a team specially made in Jons memory, that is raising money specifically to help fund and finish Jons dream for the children of Camp Simcha. Any way that you can financially help out I'm sure it would mean so much to Jon and so much to his family and to us running for him this coming January. Thank you so much and Tizku limitzvos!!

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1. Racheli & Tzvi
Thanks for always being the friend you are, always available and pleasant.Good luck on your run , once again your doing chesed for others which is soo good to see ! Rooting for you !
2. Anonymous
Kol Hakavod CD!!
3. Jacob Neuhoff
4. Arielle & Yehuda Jacobowitz
From your favorite brother and sister in law. Good luck on your run and keep on doing all the right things in life.
5. Anonymous
6. Moshe Vatch
"Friendship is not about who you've known the longest. It's about who walked into you're life, said "I'm here for you" and proved it." Good luck to a true friend!
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