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Hudis Storch

Accomplishment. A word that's always on my mind. My whole life I try to accomplish things. To finish the projects I started. Graduating high school is a huge accomplishment. Unfortunately, in the beginning of my junior year, I was diagnosed with cancer. Missing a year of school, it was pretty obvious I wouldn't be able to graduate. I wish I would've been able to go to school that year. But I had to be home, fighting the biggest battle I've ever encountered. Chai Lifeline has been a huge support for me. They've picked me up when I was down and given me the most presents I've ever gotten. Visits in the hospital, at home and going out with volunteers has made this challenge so much easier to overcome. I experienced the best two weeks of my life in camp simcha. Literally the happiest place in the world. Thinking about the idea of camp can be depressing...a bunch of sick kids and some volunteers trying to make bad things seem good. But no, in camp simcha all my worries just disapp
eared. Hospital stays, doctors appointments, not feeling well...all that stays at home. In camp it's just pure happiness. They somehow manage to make me let go of the pain I was feeling all year long. The loneliness I would feel. I made new friends who understood what I was going through. Friends who could understand the pain and not get scared away by my morbid humor. This is what chai lifeline does. And this year, with your help, I wanna feel the feeling of accomplishment. A feeling I am not used to because everything I start gets pushed off because of an emergency. I took upon myself to run the Miami half marathon with team lifeline. And hopefully, while I fight my battle against cancer, I will feel accomplished.



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1. Storch's
Hudis, You are an inspiration to all of us city folks! Love, Storch's
2. Bais Kaila
We always knew you were meant for the greatest of things. We love you.
3. Leah Kopp
Accomplishment. I've seen you in action've got this one like them all!!! Can't wait:)
4. Chavi Taub
5. Anonymous
Your an inspiration to us all. Keep up the great work!
6. Moshe Storch
In honor of Yehudis storch!!! From moshe's friend Ashley Herschman
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