With us, they are strong!

Mendy Avtzon

What started off as a friendly dare to run the Miami Half Marathon last year, has turned into a lifestyle change and obsession with running. The results that have come with it have been great, but it's the cause I run for that keeps me motivated! These smiling kids are courageously fighting pediatric cancer and other illnesses on a daily basis and we are here to help!

Chai Lifeline is a wonderful organization that provides year–round emotional, social, and financial support to more than 4,500 children battling the tough fight of illness and their families every year. From the year round activities, volunteer hospital & house visits, events, and Shabbatons, to all the support the families receive throughout their struggle, Chai Lifeline is there to help them make it through!

Their most famous project is probably Camp Simcha, where I had the privilege to serve as a counselor this past summer. Over 450 young children & teens battling pediatric cancer and other chronic illnesses are brought from all over the world, some straight from the hospital, for a summer of fun and excitement, a place where they can they can feel just like any other regular kid! A small campground in upstate New York is home to probably the most energetic and life changing place you will ever witness! You see young children going through the toughest struggles life may have to offer, and yet they get to dance, run around & have a great time without their medical conditions being compromised and huge smiles on their faces!

It's because of last year's half marathon with Team Lifeline that I took off 2 weeks to work at Camp Simcha and it's because of that experience that I continue to volunteer and visit kids in my free time at home and at the hospital. It's only due to my involvement with Chai Lifeline that I'll be running & fundraising again for them this year because I witness first hand the amazing work they do and the lives they change!

Chai Lifeline teaches kids and us volunteers that with positive vibes we can overcome any challenge, but they need our help! I'm doing my part by committing to run 1,000 km this year for the kids and with the Miami marathon approaching I ask you to kindly chip in and do yours! Any amount helps and is much appreciated! The goal may seem big, but TOGETHER we have the ability to go a long way in changing these kids lives! I thank you very much for visiting my page and considering this great cause for your donation!

Best - Mendy



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So Glad to partner with my SUPER brother, in helping kids. You're My Inspiration!! <3 Your Little Sister, Leah.