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Samson Deutscher

My recently departed dear wife Reisel a’h was a runner. Not in the sense of a marathon runner but in her joy and purpose in life. There was never an event too small or insignificant that she did not embrace or turn to with a terrific smile and most gentle demeanor. And she ran to each event. She ran to her kids, she ran to her friends, she ran to people she didn’t even know but needed her help.

In some small way, my daughter and I hope to capture that running attitude and run for her memory to benefit this very worthy organization that helps kids that, unfortunately, can’t run for themselves.

No pressure, but any donation to this would be so worthwhile.

Best - Samson



raised of $10,000 goal


1. Michael Ryan and Kenny Etinson (Syntax)
In honor of Reisel - may her spirit live on.
2. Rick and Diane Covkin
Yasher Koach Shimmy- what a great way to honor Reisel's memory !
3. The Morris & Arlene Goldfarb Family Foundation, Inc.
4. Adam Buchman
5. Babu Kuriakose
6. Leibel & Esther Rockove & family
In memory of our beloved sister Reisel - who always ran with a smile on her face and love in her heart
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Team Reisel's Runners

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