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Faigie Greenstein

Faigie Greenstein

This January, I will be running in the Miami Marathon/Half-Marathon as part of Team Lifeline to benefit children with cancer, disabilities, and other serious medical conditions. Every dollar I raise will benefit Chai Lifeline, an international children’s health support network that provides critical year-round programs and services to nearly 6,000 families confronting pediatric illness.

I have always been a proud supporter of Chai Lifeline. My current education in the healthcare field of Physical Therapy has intensified my passion to spread awareness and bring joy to these courageous children. Therefore, I have decided to become an advocate and raise money for this amazing organization. This will be my first year running with Team Lifeline. While running all those miles may be challenging, I am excited to help raise awareness and funds for such an important and worthy cause.

My goal is to raise $5,000, but I can only do it with your help. Every donation is 100% tax deductible. Please join me in supporting this important organization by contributing to my personal runner page.

Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you for your support!


raised of $5,000 goal


1. Shipper family
You got this- your family is rooting for you!!! Your father would be so proud of this accomplishments!! Love you Faigie Leilui nishmas Yisroel Meir Ben Aryeh Tzvi
2. Anonymous
Go Faigie!! You got this:)
3. Leta Greenstein
Faigie...We're all rooting for you!
4. Rivky Eisikovic/Gruner
5. Yaira, Lily & Kaylee
לזכר נשמת ישראל מאיר בן אריה צבי Mind over matter, you got this!
6. Eliana And Shully Braunstein
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