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Naomi Kemmoun

Naomi Kemmoun

‏My name is Naomi. I am 17 years old and live in Israel. 6 years ago I had a simple surgery to fix an orthopedic issue and woke up from it with a spinal cord injury. I was left with all around weakness from my neck down. I am working hard to be able to walk again. In the past year I came to America with my parent and I’ve had 2 surgeries and tons of rehab! Chailifeline was there from the start! They sent us food and volunteers and made us feel like we’re one big family!
‏Having a goal, knowing that I’m part of something, and being able to give back to chailifeline is very motivating!
‏So I’ve decided to take on the challenge and join the Miami marathon. I hope to be back on my feet by then but whatever it takes my goal is to reach that finish line! While racing all those miles will be challenging, I am excited to help raise awareness and funds for such an important and worthy cause.

‏My goal is to raise $5,000, but I need your help. Every donation is 100% tax deductible. Please join me in supporting this important organization by contributing to my personal runner page. Every dollar I raise and every mile I race will benefit Chai Lifeline.

‏Together, we can make a difference.

‏Thank you for your support!


raised of $5,000 goal


1. Meyer Rotberg
Naomi, day in and day out you teach us all the value and importance of hard work, sweat, fortitude and determination. Your infectious smile and incredible attitude make us look forward to coming to work every day! We are fortunate to have gotten to know you and your wonderful parents and family. Your Friends at Excel
2. Bracha Shaindel Bald
Naomi you've got this!!!! wohoooo!!
3. Mrs Whitman
4. Anonymous
Noamie!!!!!! so so proud of you!!!! you are amazing good luck!!!!
5. Esther Koegel
Go Naomi!! You are awesome! Watching you is a real inspiration.
6. Tzipora Friedman
Go Naomi!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!
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