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Running For Shif

Bruria Eisner

Bruria Eisner

Running....the only place in my vocabulary to run to was the pizza shop....until.....
September 2019 my sister, Shifra a"h, was suddenly diagnosed with cancer and I knew I needed to find a healthy outlet to relieve stress and clear my thoughts....so that November I started running....
Running became my safe haven and space to be able to clear my mind, push thru my comfort zone, and as a healthy natural stress reliever...

Throughout Shifra's battle, and even presently after her passing, Chai Lifeline has always been there for her and her family.

This November, exactly 3 years later, and 1.75 years after Shifra's battle with cancer ended, I will be running 26.2 miles in her memory to raise money for Chai Lifeline

Thanks so much for reading and your never ending support!


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1. Ilana Weinstein
2. Yafa Liberman
From Abba and Mom
3. Katz Katz Family
What a beautiful tribute for your sister חזק ואמץ!!!
4. Shalom And Reena Vegh
Make Oakland proud
5. Liberman Family south
Go Bruria!
6. Katie Weisz

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