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Akiva Elefant

Akiva Elefant

We may not all be doctors that specialize in the field of cancer...

...but we can all donate to a cause that performs absolute wonders for the sick in our communities.

I’ve been training very hard over the last 2 months for the Team Lifeline Marathon. I’ve lost 22 pounds- and I’m not such a heavy guy- and have become way more advanced in my running game than I could have ever imagined.

Please help me reach my goal and please help Chai Lifeline to continue making miracles for us.

All the blessings,




raised of $5,000 goal


1. Mark Silber
Keep up good work for a good cause!
2. Michael Schick
3. Bernard Elefant
4. The Lowy’s
Good luck Akiva!!
5. Benjamin Elefant
6. Kevin Mastaw
Have a fantastic run!
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