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Chaygit Cutler

Chaygit Cutler

Chai lifeline & Camp Simcha, who make unbearable things bearable need our help to continue their amazing work! I’m running a half marathon to try and raise money for them!
If you could donate that would mean so much!
Thank you, and wishing only good health for you and your families!



raised of $6,500 goal


1. Team lifeline Glamathon
The gift of glam!
2. Secret fan
3. Secret admirer
Keep doing what u do with ur infectious joi de vivre Hashem should shower you with all good things xxxx
4. Anonymous
5. Sheldon Kohl
Keep on running toward great goals in life...were proud of u!!!!
6. Yaakov Margalit
Keep running towards greater goals helping others as your great at all that you do From moshe bracha shlomie eli yidi and malki

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