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Running in memory of my sister Hudis a"h

Malky Storch

Malky Storch


My sister Hudis.

No matter how many years pass, she will always remain my sister Hudis.

No matter how much time passes, we will never forget the 21 months she was sick. We will never forget the day she died, when she was ripped away from us, leaving our hearts bleeding and shattered.

And we will never forget what Chai Lifeline did for her. And for our family.

We will never forget how before we even had a chance to reach out to Chai Lifeline, they showed up at the hospital and reached out to us.

How we suddenly felt a bit of the burden lifted off of us.

Hudis was diagnosed when she was 16 and it was Erev Rosh Hashana. My family spent the following 6 weeks in the hospital with her. We became family with Chai Lifeline case workers, volunteers... and sometimes their spare car..

Hudis met some other girls through Chai Lifeline who were battling cancer too and they connected and became friends... throughout it all, Chai Lifeline was OUR lifeline.

And then came Camp Simcha. It was only 2 weeks. But it gave her LIFE, for the months that followed, up until the day she died.

June 8 2017.
Our baby sister passed away after fighting with all the strength she had.

We're left wishing we had more time with her. Wishing cancer wouldn't exist. Like Hudis said "I'm not asking why me? I'm asking why cancer? No one should have cancer!"

But unfortunately there is still illness in the world. And just like Hudis there are so many kids, adults, and entire families who need a lifeline.

And the lifeline is here.
The lifeline is Chai Lifeline.

When I think "what would Hudis want?" All I can come up with is Hudis would want to help others. And the way I can help is by honoring her memory, raising money for Chai Lifeline to be able to continue to help our precious brothers and sisters, parents and children, and to run 13.1 miles with a picture of Hudis on my back to show the world why I am doing it.

Please help me to support Chai Lifeline! I am doing the running, all im asking from you is to donate and help me get all the way to $5,000.

Thank you so much!

May every donation be an aliyah for her neshama yehudis bas shalom.

And may we see no more pain. And suffering speedily!

Love, Malky



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1. Ari Storch
Go Malky!
2. Joel Katz
Go Hanna! I love you!
3. Aryeh and Ariella Weiss
4. Yisroel Laskin
Go Malky!!!
5. Rachel Levitin
6. Yana L

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