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Melissa Rothwax

Melissa Rothwax

It's hard to believe that it was a little over 10 years ago when my friend Tali convinced me that if I could (barely) run 2 miles in Central Park, I could run a half-marathon in Miami. Initially, I wasn't so convinced, but then she told me about Chai Lifeline and the reason I'd be running and fundraising.. and that was it. I was in. But if you had asked me in 2010 if I thought I'd still be doing this in 2020, the answer would've been a quick 'No way'! And the truth is, I wish I didn't have to. I wish Chai Lifeline and Camp Simcha didn't need to exist. But for now, unfortunately, there are many children and families who truly need the supports and services of Chai Lifeline and for that reason, I'll be running my 10th half-marathon with Team Lifeline on February 9th in Miami. 

I hard to believe it's been 10 years.. and yet, in those 10 years...

....I've run over 1,400 miles (according to MapMyRun :) both on a treadmill and around Riverdale and NYC. 

... I've watched the small Kindergartner who inspired me to run in 2010, participate and thrive as my student in 3rd grade, become a bat mitzvah and graduate elementary school as a strong and healthy teenager

...I've met and run with some incredibly strong children (true warriors like this one!) and their families.. and made some life-long friends through the experience

...I've visited Camp Simcha and seen just how important it is to have the people of Chai Lifeline there by your side or to be able to attend Camp Simcha and have 2 weeks of 'normalcy' during a difficult time

...And with YOUR help, I have raised over $39,000 and together with the teams I have been a part of (Team Neshama, Team Cara, Team Ilan and Team SAR), we have raised well over $200,000. 

Together, let's bring smiles and joy to the kids of Chai Lifeline!

  #DoItForTheKids #RunWalkRideInspire



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1. Joel and Ellen Rothwax
WOW - 10 years! It is hard to believe that you have been running for Team Lifeline since 2010. We could not be more proud of you! Love you, Mom and Dad
2. Jonathan And Yonina Stavsky
3. SAR Third Graders
4. Anonymous
5. Batya Paul
So proud of you Melis!! Love, Batya & Nachman Debra & Tal, Stevie, Jonathan and Sophia
6. Daniel Edelman

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