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Penina Rubinoff

Penina Rubinoff

This February I will be participating in the Miami Half Marathon on behalf of Penina's Helping Hand, an affiliate of Chai Lifeline for my Bat Mitzvah Project. You may already know I am named after my late grandmother Penina Chaya Perel. Even though I never met her I know that she was a very generous and kind person. All my life I have heard amazing stories from many people about how my grandmother impacted their lives. This past summer I participated in Penina's Helping Hand Disney Trip. It was an amazing trip that helped put smiles on lots of kids faces:)

PENINA’S HELPING HAND is a fitting tribute to my late Grandmother, an extraordinary woman who will always be remembered for her love, compassion, and charity. Penina’s Helping Hand offers year-round programs, services, and social support to over 250 children dealing with the loss of a parent or a severely ill parent. The Annual Disney Trip, case management, counseling, holiday gifts, tutoring, gala holiday parties, family retreats, and crisis intervention services bring help and hope to these children, and their families. Penina’s Helping Hand recently began sponsoring Chol Hamoed trips in the Tri-State Area for all Chai and I-Shine Families.

I am nervous to run the marathon but I want to help the children of Penina's Helping Hand. Let's do this together! Let's make dreams come true.




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1. Greystone and Co Inc
2. Ronit and Dan Rubinoff
Penina, we are so proud you decided do to this for your Bat Mitzvah Project and join Team PHH. We can't wait to run with you! Love Mommy and Daddy
3. Jeremy Rubinoff
Go Luck. So happy to have you on the PHH Team.
4. David Mechlin
Good luck !!
5. Anne Klein
I am so proud of my lovely Penina
6. Steven Vegh
Mazel tov!!! Reena and Shalom Vegh
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