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Go Team Cara!!!

Rachel Lopatin

Rachel Lopatin

As I get older, each year I think that I can't do this again.....I wonder how in the world am I going to make it through another half marathon!!!!! And then I think of the kids of Chai Lifeline..and I think of my kid and how much she loved Camp Simcha and how I keep hearing about new kids being diagnosed with cancer and how Chai Lifeline is there for them...

This year, in addition to all the kids I usually think about when I walk -Cara, Neshama, Anny, Peri, Binny, Shira, Ilan and Mia z"l, Sammy z"l, Kobi Z"l ....I am adding 2 more kids.... Sophie Spangenthal z"l, a delicious little girl that we met last year at the Miami Marathon who passed away in July from cancer and Elan Sykes..who is fighting cancer right now...and Chai Lifeline has been and was big parts of their cancer journeys....

Therefore....as I have said before....until there is no need for Chai Lifeline....I will keep supporting Chai Lifeline....and therefore I will keep walking and schlepping

Thank you for your support!!

Best - Rachel



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