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Rivky Dalfin

Rivky Dalfin

Hi, my Name is Rivky Dalfin.
I was born with cerebral palsy. Despite the many challenges I have faced, I am able to walk with the help of two four arm crutches.
You may already know that I walked 2.1 miles in the Miami Marathon for Team Lifeline last year. It was incredible experience for me and now I am back for more.
Chai Lifeline is a big part of my life. Chai lifeline has many shabbatons and parties that I look forward to throughout the year. This amazing organization has honestly changed my life in every way and allows me to be the happy person I am. Now is my chance to give back and I am turning to you for help.

Every donation counts! It would mean the world to me!

Best regards, Rivky Dalfin

Thank you!



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So proud!!!! <3
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Go Rivky go

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