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Rivky Dalfin

Rivky Dalfin

Hi, my Name is Rivky Dalfin.
I was born with cerebral palsy. Despite the many challenges I have faced, I am able to walk with the help of two four arm crutches.
You may already know that I walked 2.1 miles in the Miami Marathon for Team Lifeline last year. It was incredible experience for me and now I am back for more.
Chai Lifeline is a big part of my life. Chai lifeline has many shabbatons and parties that I look forward to throughout the year. This amazing organization has honestly changed my life in every way and allows me to be the happy person I am. Now is my chance to give back and I am turning to you for help.

Every donation counts! It would mean the world to me!

Best regards, Rivky Dalfin

Thank you!



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1. Shneur Pershin
2. Ari cadaner
3. Brian Parker
4. Anna Sirota
Good luck Rivki We are proud of you love uncle isrolik and Chana
5. Devorah Dalfin
6. MC
Go Rivky!

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