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Shifra Florans

Shifra Florans

There are many things that come across your mind, but you dont pay much attention to. I always knew how special Chai Lifeline was, but never paid it much attention - until my friend was diagnosed with incurable cancer.
Chai lifeline helps children who are sick. That’s what I always knew. It sounds nice, loving, giving. But that’s only a fraction of it. I want to describe what I saw, as I watched my friend, Hudis Storch, fight for her life when she was just 16.

They give energy when there is none left.
They bring happiness when there doesn’t seem like there can be anything but tears.
They bring light when theres only darkness. They introduce many sick people to each other, so they can form strong relationships and support. They arrange amazing trips. They help financially. They have free camp, with a counselor at your side, there to support you.
I remember seeing Hudis' eyes light up as she spoke about each day in Camp Simcha.
I don’t know how these kids would do it without Chai Lifeline.
And Chai Lifeline can't do it without us.

“The secret to living is giving”~Tony Robbins

Training for this marathon, and raising the money is hard. But I want to do this, in memory of my close friend that passed away at the age of 17.
I learned the strongest lessons from her. One of them is to keep fighting and never give up. She was so sick, yet always optimistic. She would say that she’s fine, that it’s not HER that’s sick, it’s her BODY. She also taught me to be transparent with myself. In school when we'd cut class and the principal would walk down the hall, most girls ran, or made up excuses that they weren’t feeling well.... but Hudis would say it like it is. She would say, "I wasn’t in the mood of class." She was brave and adventurous. She was liked by everyone around her and brought light, energy, and comfort into every room she entered.

Her presence may be gone, but the organization who helped her the most is here and needs your support❤

Take five minutes to give a lifetime of happiness to sick children❤
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