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Jennifer Ross

Jennifer Ross

After not running this entire pregnancy and having an emergency c-section less than 2 weeks ago, I thought I’m not sure I can do this fundraising and running again this year! Then it hit me-look at all these kids fighting for their lives, and I owe it to them. Please help me make a difference and reach my fundraising goal to help the children of Camp Simcha! Together we can make a difference!



raised of $4,000 goal


1. Your fans in Tel Aviv
We love you, Jen! We are so proud of you! Superwoman, Super aunt, Supermom! We are cheering you on all the way from Tel Aviv!
2. Josh Kramer
3. Howard And Meital Teitelman
4. Lauren Diener
5. Chagit Alpert
You're amazing!! good luck!
6. Hadassah Jacob

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