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I'm back! Again! And Again!

Rachel Stern

Rachel Stern

I'm back! Again! And Again!

But this season is a little different than my previous two.

This season I turn 30.

And While I've given up on my toenails ever growing back in properly, it's time to lace back up for my third season.
I'm not sure when exactly it happened, but Team Lifeline has become a core part of who I am and the kind of person I endeavor to become. Chai Lifeline provides so much love, hope, kindness, and resources to families suffering from pediatric illness, and by being a part of Team Lifeline, I get to partner with them in their mission.

I have always struggled in my limitations to help those in need, but this, this I can do. I can't keep the innocent from illness, but I can help the people that bring joy back in to their lives.

This has become a driving force in my life.
SO here's my goal: Run ALL THREE Team Lifeline races this season, including my first ever (and probably last) full marathon (26.2 miles, in case you didn't know) in November, and to raise $18,000.00 for Team Binny.

Please help partner with me in making this a reality. Your support and encouragement are everything.




raised of $18,000 goal


1. Tammy Stern
Rachel, so proud of you. Go Team Binny!
2. Dena Jaffe
In Honor of your birthday ($10 per year)- and with gratitude that you are running for both of us! Go Rachel! Go Team Binny!
3. Daniel Aqua
So proud of you!!!! And I love cookie dough!!!! -The Aquas
4. Adina Ciment
I’m only doing it for the challah. Just to clarify. 😁
5. Anna Rogers
Happy belated birthday, Rachel!❤️ So proud of you! You are such an inspiration for many!!!
6. Hannah Anati
Rachel you are an inspiration! Keep up the great work! We love you!
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