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Bracha Silver

Bracha Silver

2020! Wow! Time flies!
It will now be 6 years since my beautiful Avi has passed away! I miss him so much that it hurts. As the years have gone by, “Chai Lifeline” always comes to mind first. My family and I have such sincere gratitude to Chai Lifeline. What would we have done without your amazing volunteers, dinners and gifts to lift Avi’s spirits? Not to mention all the famous singers and music you provided in our worst times to make Avi smile! It gives my family and I such comfort knowing that even though Avi is not here physically, other children are so lucky that they can benefit from Chai Lifeline. Chai Lifeline does so much for so many and their heart is so big! They give with such dignity and respect and most of all, with so much love! Please give generously and let it be a Zchus for my Avi’s neshama!

Love you all, Bracha Silver



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1. Elliot Gunsburg
Good luck!! Eli, Kayla and Meir Gunsburg
2. Yoel Schochet
Norah Bracha You are a true inspiration. Your infectious smile pushes us to do more than we imagined possible. Keep it up
3. anonymous
4. Westbrook family
May Avi’s holy neshomo have an Aliyah. K’siva V’chasima Tova
5. Asher Reichmann
Thanks for being the best Morah!
6. Joy kaufman, Ed and Harrison Antecol
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