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Yisroel Davidsohn

Yisroel Davidsohn

Wow! I can't believe it's been 6 years since I've joined Team Lifeline!

The reason I began running was because of my sister who is no longer with us; as we know the biggest legacy of a person is the goodness and kindness we carry on in their merit. This is why I continue to run for Team Lifeline, to help raise much needed funds for children that are suffering. There is no greater kindness than bringing a smile to a sick child.

Any donation big or small towards this unbelievable cause, makes you a partner in my sister's legacy.

Best - Yisroel



raised of $10,000 goal


1. Abe Rogatsky
2. Sholom Ber and Chanie
Keep up your good work until hashem erases tears from all faces and eradicates death forever.
3. Reuven Overlander

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