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4? Yes, 4.

Gabriel Prero

Gabriel Prero

3 is not enough.

By now, if you know me at all, you probably know my story. It all started when my oldest brother challenged me to run the Team Lifeline 10k with him in Vegas, as a means to lose over 75 pounds. Crossing that finish line, and getting a taste for Team Lifeline, I then wanted to up the challenge; raise more for Team Lifeline, and go for the 13.1 in Miami. Then I got the bug. Not so much for running, I mean, that part is ok, I guess. I got the bug for Team Lifeline and the organization it supports; the amazing Chai Lifeline. So I did another 13.1 last year in Vegas.

But 3 is not enough.

In January, I plan to run my 4th Team Lifeline event, and my third half marathon with Team Lifeline.

As you may know, I have a brother, Daniel, that died of Neuroblastoma at only 15 months old, a couple of years before I came along. At that time, Chai Lifeline (www.chailifeline.org) did not exist to provide emotional, social and financial support for sick children and their families. Seeing the work Chai Lifeline does, it aches that our family didn't get the chance to experience the true magic, kindness, and support that this organization offers. I'd like to do my part to make sure that every family who unfortunately needs the support of this organization can get it to the fullest, which is I plan to run again for Team Lifeline in memory of my brother Daniel.

3 is nowhere near enough. Not while these kids still suffer.

Which is why I need your help.

I need your assistance in raising $5,000 by race day. Your tax deductible contributions can be made by simply clicking the blue buttons on the right, and are greatly appreciated.

I can't stop running. Not because running keeps me healthy, but because this hobby has helped me raise thousands of dollars for this immensely special organization.

Help me cross this next finish line, and help one of the most remarkable organizations do work to which there really is no comparison. There is nothing like bringing a smile to a sick child, or peace of mind to their family.

Together, we can accomplish something really special.

Wish me luck!



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1. Mildred Prero
2. Avi Zimmerman
3. Stephen Melamed
Continue to fight the good fight, Gabe!
4. Elana Kandelman
5. Lisa D Goldenhersh
Run, Gav, run. Love, Auntie Lisa & Uncle Murray, Jerusalem
6. Neal Gallo

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