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Judah Lopatin

Judah Lopatin

I can’t wait to run again! In the best way, my family has not needed Chai Lifeline in a long time, but Chai Lifeline had been there the entire time when my sister got cancer when I was in kindergarten, and then again when I was in second grade. In sixth grade, my friend Ilan had missed a lot of school. Each time he came back from a few days’ worth of being out, he would come back with stories, “Chai Lifeline did…” “These volunteers came and…” “At Camp Simcha I…” Every one of his stories of Chai Lifeline was so inspirational and immediately I got, if possible, more excited about running in the Miami marathon with Chai Lifeline. This year I am going to be running with my Abba and Eema, and also my brother, Gideon! I can’t wait - see you in Miami!

Best - Judah



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