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Maytal Rahimzada

Maytal Rahimzada

Hi Everyone!!

Last year I was lucky enough to have the incredible experience of running in the Miami Marathon in memory of my dear friend, Adeena Paknoush Z”l and I can’t wait to do it again! This year, I’m raising $5,000 for Chai Lifeline to give children battling cancer the hope and wonderful opportunities that they rightfully deserve and I would really appreciate your help!

For those who did not get the opportunity to meet Adeena, she was an extremely lovable, energetic, caring, and sincere person who left an incredible impact on everyone she met. Her smile was contagious and she lit up every room that she walked into. Though she’s no longer with us, she taught me to appreciate life and always see the good in people. In this spirit, I have decided to run in the Miami Marathon for Chai Lifeline: Team Adeena.

As my sponsor in this marathon, with every dollar that you donate, you are supporting Chai Lifeline, an organization that brings rare moments of normalcy, joy, and comfort to children battling cancer and their families. In the summer of 2017, Adeena attended Camp Simcha- an unforgettable overnight summer program for children battling cancer or other blood disorders. This program supplies campers with medical care, supervision, and an opportunity to be out of the hospital in a safe environment with other children while having an incredible time.

After Adeena came back from camp, she told me about all the amazing activities she participated in with the loving staff and campers at Camp Simcha. She explained to me how unbelievable Chai Lifeline is and expressed that she could not wait to give back to the organization once she got better. She told me how she wanted to be a counselor at camp when she grew up and that she wanted to run for Chai Lifeline in the Miami Marathon. Though she can’t physically participate today, I would like to run for Chai Lifeline in her honor and raise money for kids just like Adeena to have the best summer of their lives.

If you'd like to get a glimpse of how inspiring Camp Simcha is, please check out this video made after the Camp Simcha March of Hope (with a voice over by Adeena)


Maytal Rahimzada



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1. Daniel Rahimzada
Thank Hashem for caring people like you who give their time and effort for such an important purpose! Providing some joy and comfort to critically sick children in their time of need....I wish you great success!
2. Rosie Zandi
3. Sabba and Savta Rahimzada
Kol hakavod Maytali!
4. Elenor and Avi Mansher
Chazak ve baruch and kol hakavod 💜
5. Kayla Kreinik
So proud of you Maytal!! Tizku Le'Mitzvot!
6. Jon And Tziporah Rahimzada

Team Adeena


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