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Year Five-Two Races!

Micha Zwick

Micha Zwick

Why is Emma, our twelve year old, asking for people to donate to Team Lifeline instead of giving her gifts for her Bat Mitzvah this summer? Why will we be racing on the streets of Miami with the Team for the fifth straight year this winter? Why will be doubling down and also racing with the Team in Las Vegas? Because Chai Lifeline, for which the Team raises money means so much not just to our family but because of what it does.

Chai Lifeline provides invaluable services to seriously ill children and their families. The crown jewel is a summer camp for these little heroes, an escape from all that troubles them during the rest of the year. All of Chai Lifeline’s services, including the camp, are offered at no charge. Nothing is free, of course, especially a camp that requires so much more in medical staffing and services for campers with such special needs.

We would love for each and every one of you to join us on the streets of Las Vegas and/or Miami, which you can do by registering at teamlifeline.org/Register. If you can’t do that, though, you can help us with a donation. Just go to the link below and give whatever you can. We thank you and, more importantly, the kids at Chai Lifeline thank you.



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