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Srivki Weisberg

Srivki Weisberg

Today marks two years since my beloved mother in law Roberta Weisberg a"h passed away. It's crazy how time can go so quickly and yet so slowly at the same time. So many things have happened, so many milestones reached, that we wish she could have been here for. I know she is always watching over us together with my father-in-law and sees our lives, but I kinda wish I can still just pick up the phone and chat with her about it. A relative of mine, who had lost a family member to illness recently asked me, "how and when do you forget the memories of the suffering of the last year's/months/days, and instead remember the vibrant and healthy people they were?" My response was "it takes a lot of time, and a lot of running". It's true, I took up running as a way to escape some painful memories in the weeks and months after her death. But once I started raising money for Chai Lifeline and working towards a half-marathon goal, pounding the streets took on extra meaning. The first year when I raised over $8,000 with the help and support of friends, family, clients (and anyone else I could hit up 😁) was an incredible experience. I crossed the finish line into my families waiting arms exhilarated and very emotional. I had to do it again. And I did. This time together with my husband. Together we raised over $10000 and ran the Vegas half marathon shaving 20 minutes off my previous timing. Now on her second yartzheit I think it is an appropriate time to launch the third season of #run4mom. Thinking of her still conjures up painful memories, but they're growing fainter, replaced by earlier years and her beautiful smile hanging throughout my house. Please consider donating today in the memory of Raizel bat Yakov so that her neshama will have an Aliyah.
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Chai Lifeline is a wonderful organization that provides year–round emotional, social, and financial support to more than 5,800 children and their families every year. Chai Lifeline´s programs and activities change their lives forever, returning joy and hope and enabling them to live full and happy lives despite the presence of illness. Its most famous program is Camp Simcha and its sister camp, Camp Simcha Special. Every year these two camps offer nearly 500 kids a chance to forget about illness and just be kids again. To get a better idea of what Chai Lifeline does for families, please watch the videos below. I know they will touch your heart the way they touched mine.



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Go Srivky!!! So proud of you!!
4. Rivka Stone
Dearest Srivki It was a honour to have met you in Las Vegas last November. Wishing you so much luck for the Miami marathon you are going to be amazing. wishing you and your family a Shana Tovah. Sending love from London :) Ricki
5. Raphael And Harriet Skaist
6. Amy Gorfinkel

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