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Shua Mendlowitz

Shua Mendlowitz

You may already know that I’m training to run in the Lifetime Miami Marathon this February. Running a is a personal challenge, but I’m not in this just for the glory. I’m running for something important. I am running to raise money for Chai Lifeline, a wonderful organization dedicated to helping very sick children and their families. However, I know I can’t do it alone. I need your help.
This year will iyH be my 10th year in the race! I am running (rolling) in memory of two very special people in my life. The 1st one is my grandfather Tzvi AKA Henry Lowenthal A"H who passed away this year. He was an amazing person and was the epitome of Emes, truth. He could not stand hearing, or having anything to do with untruthfulness. In fact whenever he sponsored me in the past, to figure out how much to give me all he needed to do was look at his computer because he always made sure to keep a record of WHATEVER HE DID!
The second person I want to dedicate this run in memory of is my good friend Chayale Teitelbaum A"H who also passed away this year. Chayale had cerebral palsy and she wasn't able to communicate but she didn't need to. She had a smile glued on her face that would always make anyone that knew her smile! Chayale was a pure neshama that I will always remember. Please help me in this endeavor so we can raise as much money for these two special Neshamos and of course for the kids in Chai Lifeline!
Chai Lifeline is a wonderful organization that provides year–round emotional, social, and financial support to more than 5,800 children and their families every year. Chai Lifeline´s programs and activities change their lives forever, returning joy and hope and enabling them to live full and happy lives despite the presence of illness. Its most famous program is Camp Simcha and its sister camp, Camp Simcha Special. Every year these two camps offer nearly 500 kids a chance to forget about illness and just be kids again. To get a better idea of what Chai Lifeline does for families, please watch the videos below. I know they will touch your heart the way they touched mine.

Training is not easy, but neither is dealing with illness. If the children of Chai Lifeline can fight each day, if they can push themselves to go through hospital stays and treatments, I can do this for them. But I can't do this without your support. I need your help to raise as much money as possible for these kids. So please, push the donate button and help me put smiles on the faces of sick children. Let's do this together! Let's make dreams come true.

Best - Shua



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1. Alan And Fran Broder
2. Miriam Tennenbaum
3. Yehuda and Dina Kramer
In honor of Shua, who meant so much to our dear sister Chayala. You are an inspiration to us all!
4. Livia Dunkin
Go Shua go!
5. Rena Teitelbaum
Thank you Shua! This means so much to me and my family. Good luck!
6. Yisrael Glassberg
In honor of you and as a zechus refuah shlaimah for my wife's uncle Michoel chaim ben sarah.
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