In memory of Todd Miller A”H

Team Zidile

Team Zidile


We are Raanan & Dovid Zidile and for the past 12 years we have volunteered with Chai Lifeline. Over these years we have developed unforgettable relationships with outstanding children and adults who go through daily life challenges suffering from either cancer or genetic disorders, and often accompanied by physical challenges. These individuals have only one opportunity a year to spend two weeks of their very difficult year in a magical place called Camp Simcha.

Last month, on May 27th, world Jewry and the Milwaukee community lost a diamond named Todd Miller A”H. Todd A”H was a dear friend of the Zidile family as well as hundreds of families throughout the world. Todd was a man of greatness and spent his life making sure that anyone he was in contact with was always taken care of as if they were his own family, and for some, like his own children.

Todd A”H, with his wonderful Eishes Chayil Terry, and his amazing children, literally and physically helped build the Milwaukee community as it exists today. Torah, Chesed and Tzedaka was 100% part of Todd’s mission. Founding, building, and supporting hundreds of Yeshivas and Hebrew day schools throughout the world. Quietly and discreetly he did his holy work and now, to our misfortune, he is no longer with us.

This year, the Zidile Family will be running the Miami Marathon in memory of Todd Miller A”H. Todd gave himself to the world, and the Zidile family will be raising money in his honor so that the special children of Chai Lifeline continue to have that yearly spark of two weeks, as well as yearlong events that support and help these amazing children of Chai Lifeline continue to smile and be inspired all around the world.

Please help us remember Todd Miller A”H and support our fundraiser goal so that the families and children of Chai lifeline continue their amazing holy work.

Thank you and Tizku L’Mitzvos

Raanan & Dovid Zidile



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5. Mimi Rosen
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