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Please help me reach my goal!

Vered Benchetrit

Vered Benchetrit

Thank you so much for visiting my page!

This year G-d willing I will be running on the Penina's Helping Hand team.

Penina's Helping Hand has somehow come into my life three times this past year in little incidents that I never consider coincidental.

Most recently it was when I was leaving my building to spend Shabbat at a friend for her daughter's Bat Mitzvah Shabbos. As I was leaving an old gentleman asked me if he can use my phone to call someone because the power was out in his apartment. I was in a huge rush to make Shabbat but I let him use my phone. There was no answer when he called but shortly after I got a call from the founder of Penina's Helping Hand who I had met in Miami. I didn't think much of it until I arrived at my friend's house and started reading her daughter's speech. It was all about the amazing work Penina's Helping Hand does in our community and how she wants to get involved when she is older.
Another girl at the Bat Mitzvah program also spoke about Penina's Helping Hand but from a first hand account in how much they have helped her since her father passed away.
I knew right then that this year I would run for Penina's Helping Hand.

Running is hard but it is not nearly as hard as the challenges the families of Chai Lifeline face including those who have lost a parent to an illness or other.

Please help me reach my goal. Every dollar fundraised goes directly to this amazing cause.

Thank you,



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1. Anonymous
2. Anonymous
Go Vered!! Ur awesome!
3. Jeremy Rubinoff
Congratulations for raising the most in December. Thank you.
4. Fitness4Tzedaka
5. Vered Benchetrit
6. Jeremy Rubinoff
Great job on competition. Thank you.
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