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Revital Bitton

Revital Bitton


I’m sure you’ve all heard of chai lifeline, it’s an amazing organization dedicated to helping very sick children or parents and their families. Those of you who know me well know that, I’ve been volunteering at chai lifeline for about 3 years and really truly love what I do! I wish you guys would all be able to know how many families chai lifeline takes care of and how much they do for these families day and night!!! They do way to much to even be able to put in words!
I’m extremely excited to show my friends, family and MYSELF that I can cross that finish line no matter the mile but most importantly I’m running to raise money for Chai Lifeline.
I would really appreciate any donation that you can make towards achieving my goal! No matter the number it all counts and means a lot.
Please join me all on my amazing journey towards this finish line!

Best- Revital



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