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"Yitz, are you crazy?"

Yitz Weiss

Yitz Weiss

Well, if you already know me, you didn't need me to sign up to run a half-marathon to answer that :-)

In all seriousness, what the heck am I doing running a half-marathon?

I'm not, actually. At least not the way I see it.

What I'm doing is going beyond *my* comfort zone (WELL beyond, actually) to give some comfort and support to my nephew Binny and his awesome family.

Binny was diagnosed with a brain tumor five years ago, at eight years old, had brain surgery, and since then he and his family have dealt with the continuing challenges that ordeal has brought into their lives.

Throughout that process, Chai Lifeline has been there.

It's unreal how much good one organization can do. With dedicated staff and incredible volunteers, Chai Lifeline has been a beacon of hope and help in their lives.

So, yeah, I'm running a half-marathon because if that can help the cause in some small way, then I've gotta do it.

If YOU could please help the cause in some small way, or in some large way, please do.

For Binny. And for all the other kids who are fortunate enough to have Chai Lifeline in their family's lives.

Thanks so much and I look forward to greeting you from the finish line!



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1. Brett Oxman
Thanks for putting together your weekly Toras Aish publication
2. Stuart Shaffren
In Honor of Yitz Weiss, who has been Marbitz Torah for so many years, and in memory of my father, דוד בן ישראל ליב ורחל, who was Niftar on ו’ אב.
3. Jonathan Pittinsky
4. EC
5. Danz And Peninz
Go Aba!! We're cheering for you! Love, Dani, Penina, and Yair
6. Jerry & Polly Harteis
May you all be blessed in this amazing, courageous endeavor!!
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