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Year 3 here I come!

Emma Zwick

Emma Zwick

My name is Emma and I am 13. Last year, in honor of my bat mitzvah, instead of gifts, I raised over $6,000 for Chai Lifeline. In both years combined, I have raised over $7,000. I am racing again in Miami for my third year (if COVID permits).

I race for Chai Lifeline because I have a rare blood condition (1 in 10 million in pediatrics), polycythemia vera. I was diagnosed when I was 2. I race for Chai Lifeline to help children who not only have pediatric illnesses, but have it worse than me.

In Miami of 2019 (my first year), I met Sophie Spangenthall. She died at the age of 4, the summer of that same year, because of cancer. Now I race in memory of her. She made a big difference in my life, and even though I’m not part of Team Sophie, I will always remember and race for her.

This year, due to Covid 19, my family and I cannot race on the streets of Miami but we will still do those 13.1 miles during race week because it's that important to us.

Thank you so much for donating to Chai Lifeline. I cannot thank you enough.



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1. Miriam Kahn
2. Bob Lenz
3. Shoshi Bacon and Steve Golub
I'm very proud to be donating to the Zwick family team for Chai Lifeline! You've got it all together, good health, meaningful work and gemilut hasadim. The Zwick family rocks!
4. Chaya Bernstein
5. Anonymous
6. Ezra Goldman
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