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Malka Werner

Malka Werner

Dear friend,

2021, here we come! I know most of you thought 2020 would be the year...unfortunately God had other plans. While many offices, schools, restaurants, parks and major business industries closed...the pediatric cancer ward remained open for these brave children.

Even during the trying times of COVID, Chai Lifeline pulled through for our little warriors. I witnessed firsthand how hard it was for these parents to care for their children. Instead of volunteers coming to play with their suffering children, parents stayed at their child’s bedside 24/7 trying to entertain and ease their pain. No visitors were allowed in. Meals that Chai Lifeline prepared were still delivered but parents had to come to the lobby to retrieve them. Crafts and gifts were delivered too but not with the shining smiling volunteer attached.. Instead of people coming to help them with the rest of their children at home, parents had to juggle everything on their own...after all there was a quarantine in place.
Now that NYC is reaching Phase 3 and our Covid numbers are going down, normalcy is beginning to reappear.

Camp Simcha cannot open this year in their regular capacity but they will not let that stop them. They are creating the most incredible day camp to come to the kids homes. They are also preparing different exciting virtual activities to give these kids a summer they will never forget.

Do u want to be the reason a child puts a smile on their face? Do you want to have a chance to contribute to this unbelievable cause?
You can!
Through sponsoring my run you can be the reason that these children forget their pain and their suffering and can have a chance to enjoy the long summer days like their peers... even if it’s only for just a few weeks.

Any donation big or small helps Chai Lifeline continue to give respite care to these families!

Donations can be made on my teamlifeline page below:
Or mailed to
Malky Werner
1237 45th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11219

Love, Malky



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