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Running for Hudis a"h

Yocheved Hauptman

Yocheved Hauptman

Excited to be joining Team Lifeline for the 4th year!! With gratitude to Chai Lifeline and Camp Simcha for all they did for my family while my sister Hudis a"h was sick.

This year with COVID, everything is different. Who knows if I'll make it to Miami in January? I hope I will but it's uncertain. One thing that is for sure, though, is Chai Lifeline - still out there, bringing smiles (under the masks!) to so many precious children and their families.

So please join me and donate what you can. And regardless of when and where the run will be, the merit of your tzedaka will go flying over that finish line!

Best - Yocheved



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Go Yocheved!!
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