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Bracha Pilicer

Bracha Pilicer

For 14 years, I looked forward to going to Camp Simcha Special each summer. In more recent years, my grandfather looked forward to my visiting him in Florida each winter. He knew I was coming to be a part of Team Lifeline by participating in the Miami Marathon and raising money for Chai Lifeline. This year I am dedicating my fundraising in memory of my grandfather. Won't you help out with a small or better a large donation to support Chai Lifeline’s programs including Camp Simcha Special?
לזכר נשמת שמואל דוד בן יצחק נח


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1. Anonymous
2. Miami buddy
Can’t wait! 🌴☀️🕶
3. Miriam Pilicer
Go Bracha! Zaidy is very proud of you!
4. The pilicerS
לזכר נשמת Zaidy and the upcoming Yahrzeit of Babby this Shabbos.
5. Batsheva Sutton
In honor of Bracha, Tizku Lmitzvos!
6. anonynous
Tizku L'mitzvos!! chai lifeline is the best!
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