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Ron Nusbaum

Ron Nusbaum

Sunday February 6, I will be running in the Miami Marathon/Half-Marathon as part of Team Lifeline to to raise money for Toronto children with cancer, disabilities, and other serious medical conditions.

This is officially my 10th run for these kids. To mark this special milestone I have set My goal to raise $60,000.00. As of January 29, I hope to raise the remaining $8,109.00 to reach my goal of $60,00.00. Please help now to make this happen for these children.

I have dedicated this years running and fund raising in honour of the late Mr. Kamal Elguindi. He has previously supported Chai Lifeline, as did his daughter Sahar. He was a shining example of giant of a man, that quietly lived his life to do good, with the goal to leave this world in a better place.

Please give generously now for the sick children who desperately need your help.



raised of $60,000 goal


1. Sahar Whelan
2. Ron Geddes
3. Ida Chang
4. Emmanuel Lanuza
5. Harbinder S Ghumman
6. Irina HALPERN

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