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Haddar Kaplun
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Haddar Kaplun

This coming February I am running the Miami Marathon. More importantly, I am going to be running for Chai Lifeline, which is an organization that benefits children with cancer, disabilities, and other serious medical conditions.

This past summer I had a great time working at Camp Yavneh and forming strong relationships with my campers. One of my favorite parts was always being high spirited, and spreading a feeling of positivity and joy for all campers throughout the 8 weeks. The concept of camp, and everything that I’ve gained from it, including playing sports and having deep conversations about Judaism, Israel, and life in general, has played a pivotal role as I continue to grow. 

Given this experience, it is important for me to raise money for another summer camp, Camp Simchah. Camp Simchah is a program of Chai Lifeline that provides an unforgettable summer for children battling cancer and other severe medical conditions. These children, many of whom are fighting for their lives, need camp to have fun and keep their spirits high.

Those of you who know me well know that I’m very injury prone, and the pain and soreness has certainly come and gone throughout this training. But what pushes me to remain mentally strong is understanding the larger purpose of this run. 

My goal is to raise $5,000. Please help by either donating (any amount makes a difference) and/ or sharing with your friends.

Together we can make a difference.

Thank you.

Haddar Kaplun


raised of $7,500 goal


1. Haddar Kaplun
18 donated to each of my amazing 49 campers!
2. Udi
Incredible challenge; Run, Hadar, Run!
3. Haley And Pete Alonso
Good luck this weekend haddar! Have a ton of fun, trust the work you put in, and get after it!!
4. the Dubler-Furman Family
5. Anonymous
6. Miriam Loren
So impressed Haddar!!! May you go from strength to strength!

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