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Shaya Cohen

Shaya Cohen

This will be my 5th race with Team Lifeline and first race as a proud member of Team Peri. Chai Lifeline lives up to its name as a literal lifeline for families and children going through illness. Throughout my volunteering as a Chai Lifeline West Coast volunteer and Camp Simcha counselor, I saw firsthand what this campaign goes towards and what it provides for children and families going through hell. Join me in supporting such an amazing cause by donating to my campaign. My goal is $5,000 but I need your help. Every donation is 100% tax deductible and is 100% needed by the families of Chai Lifeline.

See you at the finish line!!!


raised of $5,000 goal


1. Uri And Brenda Mandelbaum
2. Baruch and Adina Cohen
You keep making us so proud!!
3. Simcha Mandelbaum
4. Tabitha Dror
Goooooo Shaya!
5. Alyssa Kohn
6. Alex & Tali Hertz
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