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Jessica Kadoche

It is with great honour, pride, and a tiny bit of anxiety, that I would like to announce that I will be running in Chai Lifeline’s half marathon in Miami this upcoming January in honour of my brother Moshe.

Today July 13th would have been Moshe's 28th birthday.

Chai lifeline is an unbelievable organization near and dear to me. They provide year–round emotional, social, and financial support to more than 4,500 children and their families every year. It is a truly worthy cause.

I remember a specific story that motivated me to sign up to run. When I was living at home, on a whim my brother and I had decided we wanted to sign up to the gym. It couldn't be any gym we wanted to sign up to the best gym in town. With my parent’s credit card in hand off we went to Sportcheck to buy the best gym clothing and shoes. That same night we trekked to pavilion and signed on for a year. We went every day for
a couple weeks. Mostly we talked while next to each other on the elliptical, but mainly we went for the smoothie bar. Sometimes we didn't even make it upstairs to the gym we just had the smoothie and went home. After a while we wondered why we were going all the way to the gym for smoothies. So off we went to the grocery store to buy ingredients to make our own smoothies!

Moshe always made me laugh, and he had the best personality, every moment with him was an adventure. For you Moshe my dearest and only brother. I will get off my butt and run, walk and potentially crawl to the finish line and I promise to drink a giant smoothie at the end!

May every dollar contributed to Chai Lifeline be so that his soul can elevate to the highest level in heaven.
Please join me in meeting and possibly exceeding my goal

Lilui Nishmat Moshe Machluf Chanania Ben Meir Nissim



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Way to go, Jess!! Such a beautiful thing you're doing. We're all so proud of you! Xoxo
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In remembrance of our dear friend's Annie & Michel's son Moishe Kadoche. Chuck & Joy Feldman
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