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Shirel Bellisha

My name is Shirel Bellisha, I am 14 years old, I am writing this letter to tell you that I am determined to take up the challenge on running the 2018 Miami Half Marathon in honor of my dear brother Moshe Nahman!

My brother is 18 years old, even if his health is fragile because of his heart malformation, he is very optimistic and prays every day for a better condition.

Chai lifeline is one of the most amazing organisation that provides support to children and families of sick children. It allows them to go to summer camp with incredible councilors, nurses and programs.

It also offers many opportunities and wonderful activities to make their dreams come true!
The marathon raises funds to complete and support the many projects that are dedicated to them throughout the year.

In running the half marathon in Miami, I will need youre generous support so I can attain my goal of $10,000, which will go directly to support the cause that is close to my heart and help me achieve what is important for my dear brother and family.

Please follow the link to donate:

Thank you so much.

Shirel Bellisha



raised of $10,000 goal


1. Joseph Sebag
Shirel, I'm proud of you. Your parents must be enjoying a great level of satisfaction from your commitment to advancing a better world. Jo Sebag
2. Serge Abecassis
From the Abecassis family, we are very proud of what you’re doing, the world needs more amazing people like you.
3. Hanna Mechaly
4. Larry Cohen
This is an amazing thing you’re doing! Kol hakavod!
5. Haimy Mann
Bravo Shirel, super initiative, bon courage.
6. Mike Bouganim
Bravo shirel
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