Thank you for remembering Avi!

Team Avi

Team Avi

It’s been 3 years since my Avi has passed away. I know I have said this last year and the year before, but it’s the truth, it only feels like 6 months. I go to work, I smile, I am happy, and appreciative of all my other kids- but the pain doesn’t go away! I miss my Avila so much it physically pains me! It hurts! I visit his grave every 3 weeks, and I love to be there. It gives me peace. I guess I feel like I am almost with him.

The only thing I can do for my Avi’s Neshama is run and walk for Chai Lifeline, and raise Tzedakah in his merit, for other sick children. When I see other sick kids smiling, running, playing, swimming, laughing and enjoying life, I feel a sense of relief and it lightens my heart. At least they are enjoying life! It gives me pleasure.

Please, friends and family, donate to Team Lifeline on behalf of my Avila, and let us run to greet Moshiach when he comes like we run the Marathon.

With tears and hope,

Avi’s Mom, Bracha



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I'm so proud of my Esti for being part of such a worthy cause. Love, Zaidy Larry
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