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Team Daniella

Every year, Chai Lifeline touches the lives of thousands of people by helping nurture and care for the needs of thousands of sick children and their families.
For anyone that knew or heard of Daniella Moffson Z”l, they knew she was the same way. Daniella exemplified all aspects of a true tzadekes, a righteous woman, through all of her actions.

Daniella’s passing was tragic and felt all around the world. On a mission to provide health, warmth, and comfort to under-privileged children in Honduras, Daniella’s bus fell off the side of a mountain resulting in a fatal crash. Daniella was doing what she did best, giving back to others. It is now our responsibility to emulate her actions while continuing to remember and honor her name. In the months since Daniella's passing, those who knew her, and even those who didn't, have become moved and inspired to act to keep her memory alive.

Team Daniella was formed in late 2016 by friends of Daniella Moffson, A”H to run in the Miami Marathon to honor her memory in supporting a cause that was dear to her heart. Daniella was a devoted counselor at Camp Simcha, and was loved dearly by her campers. Team Daniella honors the many characteristics that everyone admired in Daniella A”H. In this past year’s marathon, the team raised over $100,000, which went towards the building of Beis Daniella, a brand-new bunk in Camp Simcha. This bunk expanded the ability of the campus to welcome ill, disabled, and medically challenged children and their families for life-enhancing programs.

Running a marathon requires commitment and dedication, and so it mirrors the way Daniella lived her life. And running to do Chessed is the personification of how Daniella approached every day.

We hope that you will join us in our efforts. Your support will help the children of Chai Lifeline continue their commitment to live meaningful lives and have the strength to endure the many hospital stays and treatments.
We will run in Daniella’s memory and we ask that you join us through your generous support so that we may help these children have a better tomorrow.

Team Daniella

If you have any further questions please contact Rebecca Cherson at rcherson@gmail.com or Talia Laifer at tlaifer@gmail.com



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