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This is Not a Joke. For Real.

Adina Ciment

Adina Ciment

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "She really has completely lost her mind." And yes, while that's always a strong possibility, this isn't one of those moments. Last year, when I committed to run in the Miami Half-Marathon, there were a lot of people who wanted to watch just to see if it was real. And there were some really good friends who came out just to hold signs at the finish line that said "We know you can't read this Adina because you're probably passed out at mile 6."

Yes, I am THAT in shape and inspiring.

Nonetheless, I did it. I finished that race last year and raised over $20,000 for Camp Simcha and Chai Lifeline. But it wasn't my own accomplishment. I ran because of you - the people who contributed to my efforts, who saw the importance of this cause and who put their faith in me to do this thing - this insane task - for the benefit of this worthy organization.

My family knows all about Chai Lifeline. We've known about them way before we unfortunately benefitted from their services. However, being on the receiving end changed our understanding of the importance of an organization like Chai Lifeline. We know first hand how transformative Camp Simcha is for a child whose life suddenly takes a drastic turn no one ever expected. We know how crucial happiness is to healing, how integral silly games and laughter are to inpatient stays and how so vital it is that children remain children no matter what their very adult world of hospitals and doctor's visits throw at them.

Chai Lifeline insures that and so much more. It's why I am running again.

I am not an obsessed runner. I don't drop everything to train for a free dri-fit shirt and a medal. But I am a Chai Lifeline mom. And as long as there are children in hospitals, and children going through treatments, and children enduring more pain than most people experience in their lifetimes, I will always be a Chai Lifeline runner.

Last year, I ran in honor of my son, Binny. This year, I am running in memory of his friend and Binny has been training to join me for the last three miles of the race.

Chai Lifeline supporters are my Superheroes. Donate here and be that hero. Donate here and make a difference.

Best - Adina

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1. Jeff And Tzipi Simon
2. Eli and Orlie Cohen
Adina you are an inspiration to all. Kol Hakavod!
3. Melvyn And Barbara Ann Ciment
4. Joseph And Shirley Katz
5. Norman Ciment
Good luck Adina!
6. Russell And Ronalee Galbut

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