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Team Peri Breaking Barriers

Lori Finkelstein

Lori Finkelstein

Its 7 am Israel time and Peri and I are exactly halfway home from what was her first, but certainly not her last, trip to what is our Holy Land, Israel. Peri was fortunate enough to be accepted as a participant of Wish At The Wall, an extraordinary 10 day journey run by the Chicago Midwest division of Chai Lifeline, under the direction of Rabbi Shlomo Crandall and generously sponsored by a grant from the Hartman Foundation. Fourteen young adults, from all over the USA and Canada, all facing severe medical challenges in their lives, each accompanied by one parent, toured throughout Israel along with Chai Lifeline volunteers, staff, medics, tour guide, and photographers. We traveled throughout the beautiful land with one overriding goal, one purpose, one that we participants didn't even have in mind prior to making this auspicious journey. BREAKING BARRIERS. These beautiful Chai Lifeline young adults, all facing their daily life struggles head on, traveled on a tour bus, singing and dancing in the aisles each and every day, while below in the belly of the storage of the vehicle sat wheelchairs, crutches, orthodics, oxygen, pulmonary percussors, nebulizers, suction machines and ventilators.
Camel Riding. Masada. Floating in the Dead Sea. ATV-ing. Gun Range. Boat Ride on the Kineret. Praying at the Kotel (the Western Wall). Destinations and activities a parent would never think possible for children with such extreme needs. Each challenge was met head-on and conquered by these 14 Wish at the Wall warriors with joy and and perseverance, breaking all barriers and obliterating all preconceived notions of who and what the outside world had determined what their destiny should be.
This determination is not new to our own warrior, Peri Finkelstein. Walking One Thousand Steps. One Mile Strong. Completing eight marathons for Team Lifeline. Traveling overseas. Living life daily with hope, pride, bravery, dignity and an extreme capacity for love and empathy towards others. That is how our Peri lives her life, despite having a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, a trache, being on a ventilator for life support 24/7 and using a wheelchair to be mobile.
Our family has had Chai Lifeline in our lives for the past 17 years. This extraordinary non-profit organization has provided complete support, love and friendship throughout many a rough period during Peri’s childhood. Some of these services include: Camp Simcha ( the happiest place on earth), tutoring, insurance advocacy, Big Brothers/Big Sisters for all of our children and even meals for the entire family during the numerous and lengthy hospital admissions. Chai Lifeline has given us the love and and springboard for our Peri to live life with dignity and joy and for her to have the confidence to break every barrier set before her. As one parent on the trip put it so succinctly, Chai Lifeline is a machine, a simcha machine.
That is why Team Peri has raced for the past eight years for Chai Lifeline in the Miami Marathon. That is why we need your support. Our Team Peri goal is to raise as much money as we are able so that Chai Lifeline can continuously assist families and children like our own, whom without Chai Lifeline in their lives, simply put, would be lost.
Join Peri on January 28, 2018, when she once again rises to the challenge and takes on the Miami Marathon for our friends at Chai Lifeline. Expect many surprises at the finish line, as Peri plans to BREAK BARRIERS with her fellow Chai Lifeline warriors, the very finish line where the vulnerable become the invincible. Team Peri is behind all of our warriors 100 percent and we are dedicating our ninth year of racing with Team Lifeline to these extraordinary children of Chai Lifeline. Our warriors. Our heroes. We are inspired by you. We salute you as we watch you break all walls, all barriers set before you in your young lives. Join us in honoring and celebrating their lives, hopes, dreams and ability to BREAK all BARRIERS set before them. Thank you in advance for your generous donation.



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