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Running In Memory of My Daughter, and Celebrating Life!

Pinny Gildin

Pinny Gildin

I have once again made a personal commitment, and will be running my 6th consecutive year with Team Lifeline in memory of my infant daughter Alyssa z"l to benefit the Chai Lifeline charity on Sunday January 28th,2018.

Chai Lifeline was there for my wife and I from the day Alyssa was born with congenital heart disease, through the the 8 months of her hospitalization, and even now, 6 years after her untimely passing. They were there with food, volunteers to come play with her, and a caseworker to go above and beyond to make sure we had what we needed. It is this reason year after year since 2012, that I train to run in the Miami Marathon.

This year in particular, is a celebration of life for me, and personal accomplishment. After running my last Half Marathon several months back, I felt accomplished, yet feeling sluggish, overweight, and not where I wanted to be health wise. So, with the help of a fellow Team Lifeline team member who is a health coach, I embarked on a journey to better health. It has been life changing, and resulted in me not only losing 40+ pounds and looking trimmer than I have been in a long time, but FEELING better, having increased energy and not having to take any sort of medication to alleviate the symptoms, such as hypertension which is no longer present!

Please click the Donate button on this page and donate as much as you can in memory of my daughter, and in celebration of my transformation to better health. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and will go to assist over 5,000 families who have children stricken with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

A receipt will be mailed out to you for your tax records.

Thank you for your support in my endeavor, and may you be blessed.

Pinny Gildin



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1. Matthew Beller
In honor of Alyssa’s Memory z"l. Keep up the amazing work and tireless effort that you commit to this cause. It is a true inspiration to us all.
2. Aaron Young
Keep it going!
3. Moshe And Yafit Cohn
4. Moshe And Yafit Cohn
5. Anonymous
6. Eric Palley

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