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Henny Oppen

Sitting on the bus ride home this year, I promised myself that whatever happens this year I would never forget the magic I experienced in camp. Never forget the confidence, the strength and love that envelops me every summer. Never forget what it feels like to laugh that hard and how the smile never left my face.

The only word I can think of to describe Camp Simcha is MAGIC. A successful magician is one that through one action changes your perspective so quickly and with such accuracy that you are left wondering how it was done. That is what Camp Simcha and Chai Lifeline have mastered. When I come home I am in awe, wondering how they have managed to change my life yet again. How befitting it was that this years theme was Simcha's Magic Kingdom. I'd like to take this opportunity to share some of the magic I've experienced just this summer alone.

From the moment you walk off the bus and run through the tunnel of love with your counselor and feel all your cares slip away... that is MAGIC.

Sitting around at night swapping stories with your fellow bunkmates and finally feeling unashamed and understood... that is MAGIC.

Dancing on the dance floor with all of my friends, (something I don't often do at home because of my fragile skin) along with all the barriers that are broken in camp... that is MAGIC.

The crowd that goes wild when a girl in a wheelchair ends off her dance by standing with her crutches... that is MAGIC.

And finally the bond between the staff, campers, and my counselor and I that is pure MAGIC.

That's why I need your help. All the magic I experienced along with all the other 430 campers and families is all because of you. Please help me reach my goal.


Below are some videos from camp this year! Enjoy!



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1. Anonymous
2. Anonymous
Love you Henny! ????????
3. Gita Scheinman
I am so proud of you Henny. Good luck. Love, Gita Scheinman
4. Shani K
Go the distance!
5. Henny Oppen
Go henny! You did it!!!
6. Avi Peltz
You are amazing!!!!

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